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Discover interpreter jobs for humanitarian projects, with TWB Interpreter Connect.

This free platform connects interpreters and cultural mediators with non-profit organizations that need language support. This is a pilot project developed by Translators without Borders (TWB) for responding to the European refugee crisis in Greece.

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Language resources for all

Explore our growing library of language resources for interpreting for refugees and migrants in Greece. Learn about key refugee languages, and how to make interpreting easier, faster, and more precise.  


Access glossaries in Arabic, Farsi, Kurmanji and other languages that contain the most commonly used words for work in a refugee/migrant setting.


Interpreting is much more than words. Read our essential guide for interpreters and cultural mediators.


Read the latest findings on language-related issues among refugees and migrants in Greece.

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This website is a pilot project to support the vital work of non-profit organizations in Greece, where there is great need for humanitarian interpreters and cultural mediators. TWB  has been supporting non-profit organizations working on the refugee response since 2015.

Your donation will help TWB maintain this site for Greece, and extend it to other responses around the world.