About TWB Interpreter Connect

TWB Interpreter Connect is an online platform that connects interpreters and cultural mediators with non-profit organizations working in the European refugee crisis.

Developed by Translators without Borders (TWB) with funding from the Mixed Migration Platform (MMP), the site is a pilot project to support the vital response to the refugee crisis in Greece. Greece currently has a great need for interpreters, with several dozen known languages spoken by migrants and refugees in the country.

TWB conducted a study in April 2017 which identified the lack of interpreting services as one of the major barriers to the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance in the refugee crisis. The study revealed that non-profit organizations have an urgent need for interpreters to ensure effective two-way communication with refugees and migrants, and to share information related to healthcare, food, shelter, medical services, immigration procedures and accommodation.

Connecting interpreters with non-profit organizations


Quality communication between responders and those affected by any crisis is vital. People living in temporary accommodation in Greece need access to information that they can trust, in a language that they can understand. TWB Interpreter Connect addresses the gaps in communication by:

  • Connecting humanitarian interpreters and cultural mediators with non-profit organizations
  • Helping interpreters and cultural mediators to upskill by sharing free training materials and resources
  • Providing free resources, such as glossaries, guides and access to the latest research, to non-profit organizations working in crisis settings.

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The language and information barriers faced by migrants and refugees

How Translators without Borders responds to the European refugee crisis

About Translators without Borders

TWB is a US non-profit organization that envisions a world where knowledge knows no language barriers. With a global network of volunteer translators working in over 190 language pairs, TWB aims to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian and international development efforts worldwide.

In 2013, TWB launched Words of Relief, the first-ever crisis relief translation service. Since then it has been used to provide rapid translations to partners responding to crises, such as the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the earthquake in Nepal, and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

TWB has been responding to the European refugee crisis since November 2015.  During that time TWB has:

  • Deployed rapid response translation teams in five languages
  • Trained over 200 staff and volunteers of partner agencies on translation and interpreting in a crisis
  • Set up and managed a language working group for responding organizations
  • Established a humanitarian interpreter roster
  • Researched language and information barriers
  • Developed free language resources and guides for interpreters and non-profit organizations
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